Campaign Goals

Our Faith Goal: $1.27 million for the church renovations
This goal fully funds the church renovation and beautification and pays off professional fees and campaign expenses (architect, consulting, printing, postage, etc.).

Our Family Goal: $1.5 million to include the parish office renovations
This goal includes the Our Faith Goal and fully funds the parish office renovation.

Our Future Goal: $1.7 million to include doubling the facilities maintenance fund
This goal includes the Our Faith and Our Family Goals and doubles the amount in our Facilities Maintenance Fund

We are grateful for the parishioners who are serving as leaders and volunteers for our

Honorary Chair  
Dcn. Subby and Lynn Enzolera 
Paul and Mary Parr 

General Chair 
Chris and Sue Reed
Scott Riha 
Tom and Janet Van Haute 

Campaign Cabinet  
Tom Ackley 
Andy Flanagan 
Pat and Chris Flanagan
Dorest and Linda Harvey 
Jeff and Sue Miller 
Chuck and Kathy Monico 
John and Patty Pogge Rolly and Theresa Yost 

Campaign Committee 
Pat Blankenship 
Mary Blaszak 
Terry Deseck 
Marge Egermier 
Joan Foreman-Mertz 
Kurt and Rita Frickel 
Rick and Mary Huss 
Steve and Cathy Jesus 
Teresa Kabourek  
Chris and Chris Kenny 
Jackie Kmiecek 
Mariann Kokotajlo 
Terry and Karen Langan 
Chad and Emily Liechti 
Mark and Julie McNamara 
Dan and Vicki Nyberg 
Jerry and Chris Ortner 
Kelly Overfelt 
Diane Rosenthal 
Barb Slaven 
Fred and Joyce Sokol 
Rosary Sorensen 
Dick Strauss 
Steve and Maggie Tooley 
Bob and Linda Urbanski 
Bill and Sharon Veys 
Dale Voboril 
Krissy Weiser 
Linda Wiesen 
Mary Beth Wilwerding
Carole Williams 


If you would like to volunteer with the campaign, please contact our campaign manager
Beth Samson at


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