Thank you to all who have supported our campaign so far. This list is updated as of March 1, 2024.

Jim and Betty Adam, Chuck and Cheryl Adamson, Sandra Armstrong, Connie Badura, Mary Baker, Joseph and
Betty Bass, Chris and Rachael Baxa, Georgeann Baxter and Dennis Baxter, Joe and Mary Benak, James and Jean
Berger, Janice Bjorkman, Patricia A. Blankenship, Jim and Mary Blaszak, Rita Blum, Rita Bosanek, Jerry and Kathy
Boukal, Frank and Linda Bracken, David and Martha Brester, Paul and Glenda Bricko, Ken and Mary Kay Brown,
Tim and Lisa Burkhardt, John and Connie Buscher, Corey and Terri Campbell, Ryan and Katherine Carnahan,
Michael and Mary Jean Carr, Deacon Ron and Sue Casart, Cascio Family, Mary Ann Caveye, Terry and Deb
Chandler, Del and Rita Chipps, Pete and Donna Ciaccio, Patty Ciurej, Bob and Lisa Ciurej, Rose Ciurej, Gary and Ann
Clark, Carol Coenen, Scott Collins, Thomas and Regina Connor, Harvey and Charlotte Coufal, Dale and Mary Lu
Courtney, Al and Susan Cwirko, Donna Dailey, Jeffery and Christine Daniels, Christian and Angela Davenport and
Family, Nalyn Davlin, Dale and Yessica Deseck, Donald and Terry Deseck, Pete Digilio, Diane Dilsaver, Donna
Docekal, Kristen Dohse, Mr. John and Kris Dostal, William and Marian Dostal, Jim and Barb Dougherty, Mark and
Amanda Dowling, Eugene and Patricia Drvol, Daniel and Dorothy Dube, Mary and Gintaras Duda, Marge Egermier,
Ronnie Egermier, Jerry and Janetta Eipperle, Barbara Elman, Mary Elsasser, Joshua and Susan Ely, Deacon Subby
and Lynn Enzolera, John and Deb Fahrer, Michael Fahrer, Karen Fields, Andy and Miki Flanagan, Joe and Sarah
Flanagan, Pat and Chris Flanagan, Joan T. Foreman-Mertz, Kurt and Rita Frickel, Juanice Furmanski, Kris and Cheryl
Galas, Patty Galas, Neil and Diane Gau, Jeanette Gentile, Tom and Penny Gilsdorf, Michael and Patricia Gordon, Ed
and Leona Grace, Terry and Mary Gradoville, Chuck and Barb Grady, Deborah Gray, Bill and Pat Greguras, Conde
Groski, Josephine Groski, Rosemary Gushard, Frank and Mary Haman, Pat and Suzanne Hanus, Mary Ann Harding,
Pat and Betsy Harding, Matt and Megan Harris, Brian and Carolyn Harvey, Dorest and Linda Harvey, Jeannie
Hascall, David and Susan Hebda, Cindy and Dan Hendricks, John and Judy Hennings, Bill and Cris Herek, Brian and
Maureen Hiatt, Renae Hrubsky, John and Chloe Hug, Mark and Tricia Hughes, Virginia Hun, Robert and April
Hunter, Dave and Linda Huston, Yvonne Hylok, Arthur and Holly Inserra, Barbara Jansen, Jim and Kim Jansen, Bob
and Marlene Jansen, Margaret Janssen, Brian and Katie Jarrett, Colleen M. Jeck, Gary Jeck, Sharon Jedlicka, Rick
and Monica Jensen, Juan and Ellie Jesus, Steve and Cathy Jesus, Rigoberto and Yolanda Jimenez, Teresa Kabourek,
Carol Kanne, Ed and Cathy Kaspar, Nick and Linda Keating, John Kempf, Raymond and Elaine Kempnich, Chris and
Chris Kenny, Helena Kielion, Gloria Kirberger, Chris and Deb Kirby, Tracy J. Kirby, Stephen Klein, Darrell and Pamela
Klusaw, Rich and Jackie Kmiecik, Ronald and Diane Kmiecik, Helen Knoblauch, Joseph and Mary Jo Kocol, Bob and
Janet Kocourek, John and Diane Koesters, Mariann Kokotajlo, Debra Komasinski, Judith A. Kostal, Dean and
Victoria Kreitlow, Louis and Michelle Kresl, Joe F. Krska and Janet M. Krska, Gary and Linda Krupa, Patrick and
Rosemary Kuhl, Karen Kurcz, Robert and Mary Kurcz, Dan and Colleen Kurmel, Terry and Karen Langan, Michael
and Kathy Larkin, Katie Laughhunn, Paul and Gina Le, Darrel Lechner, Rex and Pat Leibert, Richard and Margaret
Leimbach, LaVonne Lenon, Chad and Emily Liechti, Brent and Kelly Linder, Bill and Mickey Loges, Ed and Patty
Loges, Robert and Terri Macaitis, Harold and Rosemary Mapes, Jeff and Tonya Mapes, Kate Mars, Sean and Megan
Martin, Hector and Lisa Martinez, Rebecca and Ivan Martinez, Kim Mason, Kim and David Matzen, Chip and Pam
Maxwell, Bernard and Margaret McCoy, Dennis McCoy, Kevin and Colleen McCoy, Mark and Julie McNamara, Tim
and Meghan Mendick, St. Bernadette Men's Club, Linda and Bernie Meyers, Joseph and Gail Micek, Mr. George
Mickells, John and Louise Mikovec, Ken and LuAnn Mill, Lloyd and Jean Mill, Jeff and Sue Miller, Jeff and Colleen
Mimick, Gary and Kristy Mixan, John and Renee Mixan, Ken and Mary Sue Mixan, Rev. Jeff Mollner, Michael and
Karen Molloy, Bob and Marge Monaco, Andrea Monico, Chuck and Kathy Monico, Laura Monzingo, Mark and
Audrey Moulton, Vern and Chris Muhlbauer, Steve and Janet Murnan, Liz Neal, Beth Nelson, Mary Diane and
Walter Neneman, Gerald and Nancy Nollett, Muriel M. Nuffer, Dan and Vicki Nyberg, Bob and Alvina O'Keefe,
Gloria Olson, Mark and Veronica Opperman, Gerard and Christine Ortner, Joe and Barb Ostblom, Jim and Kelly
Overfelt, Jim and Chris Overfelt, Arman and Cathie Pajnigar, John and Sherri Pallas, Joyce A. Palmer, Terrence and
Dianne Pankowski, Lawrence and Wanda Parlin, Paul and Vicky Parr, Paul and Mary Parr, Virginia Paska, Chuck
and Carol Paskach, Rita M. Perito, Dale and Constance Petersen, Linda A. Placzek, Jeff and Jennifer Poeppe, John
and Patty Pogge, Judy Pollack, Wyatt Ramsey, Mark and Joni Redford, Dwaine and Mary Redler, Chris and Sue
Reed, Joyce Renner, Alfredo and Veronica Vera Reyes, Betty Rezek, Bill and Deb Rice, Rosalie Ridgeway, Dorothy
Riha, Scott and Tristen Riha, Victor and Beverly Riha, Amber Roberts, Tracy Roberts, Tony and Trish Rodrigues,
Mary Jo Rome, Joan M. Ronnfeldt, Diane Rosenthal, Theresa Rothermund, Kathy Schafer, Mary Schrack, Tom and
Melanie Schrack, Mark and Diana Schreier, Larry Schwartz, John and Sharon Sempek, James F. Setlak, Renee
Sinnott, Shelby Shannon, Barbara Slaven, Carol Slaven, Cecil and Mary Snyder, Fred and Joyce Sokol, Robert and
Pamela Sondag, Rosary Sorensen, Mary Sporcic, Joseph and Theresa Stanek, Shayla Stanek, John Staskiewicz,
Aaron and Kalie Steele, Joseph and Pamela Stein, Larry Sterba, Frank and Mary Jo Stika, Dick Strauss, Rodney
Strese, Arnie and Debbie Strong, Ellen Stuva, John and Nancy Targy, Marlene Terwillerger, Diane Thiele, Joseph
and Mary Thomas, Pat and Karen Thompson, Vicki and Bill Thompson, Steve and Maggie Tooley, Rick and Mary
Totusek, Rose Tselentis, James and Constance Tucker, Mike and Vicki Tysor, Bob and Linda Urbanski, Jerry and
Frieda Urlaub, Tom and Janet Van Haute, Dave and Janet Van Keuren, Peter S. and Roberta M. Vana, Dennis
Vanek, David and Michelle Varney, Marco and Martisa Vazquez, William and Sharon Veys, Victor Visty, Dale
Voboril, Sharon M. Vondra, Linda and Tom Wagman, Richard and Krissy Weiser, Ronald and Kathleen Weiss,
Carolyn Wendover, Rose and Gary Wesely, Bill and Kathy Wichita, Lindan Wiesen, Carole Williams, Timothy and
Mary Jo Williams, Kathleen Wilson, Mary Beth Wilwerding, Brian and Autumn Wurgler, Stanley Wzorek, Roland
and Theresa Yost, Michael and Lori Zadina, Gary Zander, Kathleen M. Zbylut, Richard Zbylut II, Al and Amy
Zimmerer, Clinton and Karen Zoucha, Greg and Liz Zoucha, Brianna and Mike Zoucha, Sal and Rosemary Zoucha,
Anonymous (6)


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